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Here is a feature on a naturalista I have been stalking on Instagram for a little while. 



Can we meet you?
My name is Ifeoluwa Omoyele and I am a

your hair story?
When and how did you decide to go
I have always  been a relaxed hair person since I was a young
girl at the age of 8years old from what I can remember, I decided to go
natural because I was tired of visiting the salon to retouch/ relax my
hair. Early year 2014, I went to my hairdresser to get my hair done. On getting there, I remembered I was complaining to her that I wanted to
do something different and unique from what I usually do every time, so
she said my hair was long over due for relaxing, that I might as well go
natural so since that day I decided to join the naturalist group.

easy was it for you to get information at the beginning given the
oversaturation of content on the Internet? Was there any person that
helped you through?
It was pretty much easy because I
just went into transitioning instead of starting from the scratch meaning
cutting my whole relaxed hair off, all I kept doing was having protective
hairstyle mostly single twisting and braiding with extension.
Yeah, my hairdresser helped me
from the start by advising me to do more of conditioning, steaming and
protective hairstyles.

us through your regimen.
As I said earlier my regimen is deep
conditioning, steaming, protective hairstyle mainly and twist out as well, also
once in a blue moon, weaves (human hair)

products does your natural hair swear by?
This might sound funny, the only product
that works for my hair is a mixture of water and Shea butter because my
hair hasn’t been really friendly with any other products (maybe there will
be one in future) and with the mixture of water and Shea butter
I can get and style any natural hairstyle I want with my hair, you name it
like: bantu knots, loose curls, tight curls and so on.

your favorite Made in Nigeria product and how do you feel about the
made in recent times?
As of now I will say Shea butter
because I haven’t really tried or use any made in Nigeria product for my

was the response from both family and friends? Did they give you a hard
time coming to terms with your natural hair?
The responses has been good
and great so far, even though some of my friends do make comments that
they want to cut my hair off cause of its fullness and longitude
(side face/don’t touch my hair 😊but I still see it all as great compliments and pushes more
to want to rock my natural hair always. 

you prefer to buy products from the store or whip yours yourself?
For me it is both ways because
I have to buy the Shea butter and makes the mixture myself.

What hairstyle have you perfected over time?
Over time, I am now perfect
in doing/ making bantu knots and twist out.

you tried any hair supplements before? What do you think about them?
No, I haven’t tried any hair
supplements before. 
is your Instagram natural hair crush?
I will definitely say myself 😊
you watch natural hair vlogs? Who are your favorite vloggers?
No I don’t 
you been tempted to relax/texlax your hair? If not, what keeps you going?
No I haven’t been tempted and I
doubt I will ever be tempted to relax/texlax because I love 
the way my hair is and want to see
more of the outcome of my decision so there’s no going back for me.
there any particular hair experience/challenge you’d like to share with us?
Yeah there is and it was during
my transitioning, my relaxed hair kept shredding off from time 
to time and I was not so happy
about it back then because I thought I was losing my hair but later
realised that for me to achieve what I want I have to let go of the relaxed
part of my hair because it was too weak for my natural hair to bear, after
the whole transitioning my natural hair came out beautifully.
social media influenced any of your hair decisions?
Yeah, just for hairstyles 
styling or nah? What your go-to style?
Single twisting/ twist out
you read/follow the African Naturalistas blog? If yes, for how long?
Yeah I do follow African
Naturalistas on Instagram. 
for your time. How do we keep in touch with you?
You’re welcome, Here is my Instagram
handle: @ifeifonlaja and whatsapp number is: +447506005735.
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